VOLstarter Application

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VOLstarter Application
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Thank you for your interest in submitting a VOLstarter project application. Before beginning this application, please gather the following required materials —

  • Budget breakdown (PDF) describing how you will use the raised funds
  • Letter of recommendation (PDF) written by your faculty adviser

You will also need to have answers prepared for the following. We recommend that you write your answers (brief paragraph) in a Word or text document and have them available to copy and paste into the application.

  • Project overview. Be sure to explain what you will achieve via your project.
  • Specifically, how will funds gained from VOLstarter be used?
  • What will happen if your project is not funded?
  • How does your project benefit you and the university?
  • If your project is accepted, how will you market/promote your project?

If you have these documents and answers prepared, please begin your application.